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Bangladesh Beaches and island:

1. Cox's Bazar Sea beach (world largest sea beach)
2. Kuakata (Scenic Sea beach)
3. Patenga & Fouzdarhat Sea beach
4. Inani beach
5. Laboni Sea beach
6. Parki beach

1) Moheshkhali Island (Eastern Bay of Bengal)
2) Sonadia Island (Eastern Bay of Bengal)
3) St. Martins Island-Bangladesh (Western Bay of Bengal)
4) Nijhum Island (Western Bay of Bengal)
5) Cheera/Chhera Island (Western Bay of Bengal)
6) Island of Harinbaria
7) Ashar Char Island (Western Bay of Bengal)

Panoramic Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital and the longest Sea Beach of the world :

Cox's Bazar is coined as the tourist capital of Bangladesh. This unique spot has attracted the international attention for having the world's longest (120 km.) natural sea beach with silvery sands & blue surfing waves against the picturesque background of a chain of forested hills. The Cox's Bazaar is distinguished not only with the longest beach, the colorful Pagodas, Golden temples, rare conch shells, attractive sea foods and comfortable accommodation in the star studded beach side hotels with delighted foods in the nice restaurants.

Worth to mention the Moheskhali, Sonadia Island & the very paradise island of Saint Martin. This is the only coral island of Bangladesh located 29 km. from Teknaf & 115 km. from Cox's Bazar bordering Myanmer. This coral paradise island is featured with 8 square km. area which is completely isolated and surrounded by huge black stone & clustered corals. Different type of marine turtles, giant crabs and colorful fishes with rich bio diversification turned this island as a capital of marine life & eco-tourists.

Aggamedha Khyang :

This wonderful Buddhist temple is located near the entrance of Cox's Bazaar tourist city. The special feature of the Khyang is its beautiful wooden construction with intricate curving. The Temple has been preserving some valuable old manuscripts. The entrance of the temple at the foothill under the cover of large trees has added a serene atmosphere.

Inani Coral Beach :

This wonderful coral beach is located 32 kilometer in the southern side which is continuous of the world's longest beach of Cox's Bazaar. The beach is quite attractive due to the presence of colorful shells, corals black stone scattered through the beach and open the diversified scope for the visitors for sun-bathing, swimming in the clear water and stroll along side the white sandy beach. The tranquil fishermen village and traditional fishing boats with nets also make further attraction for the incoming visitors.

Moheshkhali Island :

This beautiful and interesting Island of Bay of Bengal is just 10 kilometer off the coast of Cox's Bazaar. The Adinath Hindu Temple was built on the hill top and dedicated to Siva probably 300 years back. By its side on the same hill is the Buddhist Pagoda established by the Rakhain community migrated from Arakan of Myanmar. The hand woven textiles of Rakhain tribals are very colorful and attractive. The island is famous for sun dry sea fish, green coconuts and natural pink pearls.

Sonadia Island :

This wonderful tiny island with an area of 9 sq.klm is located 8 kilometer off the Cox's Bazaar coast and very near to the Moheshkhali island. The virgin island is still in the formation stage with broad sandy beach. The western beach of the island remain mainly under the control of shore birds, shells and oysters and during the winter season the courageous fishermen set temporary thatching huts on the beach for landing fish and sun drying those for sale. The scenic beauty of the island is overwhelming. There is no settlement on the beach.

St.Martin Island :

With the pristine white sanded beach and surprisingly with only 9 sq.klm area, Saint Martin Island, locally known as ‘Narikel Jinjira' is the only coral Island of Bangladesh.

This wonderful coral island is also known as the paradise of the eco-touurists and a great retreat for those who love nature and solitude. St,.Martin Island is completely isolated and is accessible by crossing 29 km blue water of Bay of Bengal from east coast of Teknaf and bordering the Myanmar hill ranges . The wonderful natural surroundings, maddening beach and corals, the rich mariene life, rare sea turtles, King crabs, lobster, shells, pearls and the colorful sea fishes play the most vital role to draw the nature loving tourists with a irresistible call to reach there and to renew their life. The southern tips of the island which is very rich for it's marine life & ideal nesting beach for Sea Turtle for laying eggs.
smriti soudho ahsan monjil coxs bazar
Dhakeshwari Temple bandarban golden temple Fays Lake
Lalbag fort shat gambuj mosque inani beach
saint martin island Rangamati kaptai
Bandarban sylhet Bangladesh sundarbans
kuakata Mainamati paharpur
pata ctw award
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