Permissions :

Requests for Filming Permissions and Visas need to be submitted to the Bangladesh Embassy in the respective country by the production company. This includes a detailed list of all equipment to be brought into Bangladesh , a synopsis and the full details of the film crew members.
Once the required forms are submitted, and The BlueSkyHolidaysBd has received a copy thereof, procedures will be initiated. Our company as the local agent will pursue the issuing of the required permissions with the related Government bodies and offices ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Home Ministry, and Ministry of Defense (for aerial shots only). In case an invitation letter is required, our company can issue these for the film crew members. We are however not responsible for any refusal or delay of the permission or visa.

Please note that the Government of Bangladesh requires every foreign film team to accommodate one Government officer during the entire filming period. His travel, accommodation, food and gratuities costs need to be covered by the production company.

(As per regulations from Forest Department of Bangladesh)

1. All the film makers and their local ground handling agents will have to abide by the existing laws of the Bangladesh Forest Department. Upon receipt of their application and before the start of the tour the forest department will hand them over a copy of the rules and regulations laid down by them so that there remains no communication gap.
2. (a) For each professional cine or video camera they will need to pay a fee on a per day basis. This fee has to be paid to the Divisional Forest Officer in Khulna as per your submitted schedule in cash $ or local currency before the start of the tour.
(b) You will also need to pay a per day fee in case of the professional still camera.
(c) Similarly for each crew member you will have to pay fee on a per day basis.
3. After getting permission from the Divisional Forest Officer, Khulna you may be allowed to build a platform on your own cost under the supervision of the local forest officials, if that is required for the photography of the wildlife inside the sanctuary. After completion of the filming you will require to dismantle the platform at your own cost.
4. Normally baiting is prohibited inside the sanctuary area. However on special cases the Chief Conservator of Forest, Dhaka will issue permission for baiting, if that is necessary for the filming. For each baiting permission the forest department will charge a fee. Against this permission you will be given one week time to bait with only one dead animal.
5. In the application you must mention the area and the period of your visit clearly. You will require sticking to this period and area.
6. You must follow the schedule that will be attached with the application form. For making any change of schedule you will need to take special permission from the Chief Conservator of Forest, Dhaka.
7. Before any commercial use of the still or movies out of their expedition, permission from the forest department must be obtained. Fees will be applicable.
8. Under no circumstances you will be allowed to do anything which is not permitted by the forest act 1927 and Bangladesh Wildlife Conservation act of 1974.
9. Applicant must pay a security deposit to the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). After completion of the shooting when he will receive satisfactory report about the tour and 3 copies of the edited version of the film, the security money will be refunded.
10. All foreign companies must seek this forest permission through one local agent who will be providing the logistics. In case of any irregularities the local agent will be held responsible. In this regard the local agent will need to sign a declaration.
11. A synopsis of the story line should be attached with the application.
12. Names of all the crew members must be clearly stated with the application as only those people will be allowed to go.
13. A list of all equipment going into the forest must be clearly mentioned.
14. During the filming you can not damage any forest or wildlife.
15. No body will be allowed to carry any firearms.
16. Local forest officials will have to be informed about the progress of the shooting. The local forest officials will have the right to come and supervise your works always.
17. After completion of the filming to take that out of the country you will require to seek the permission of the Ministry of Environment & Forest.
18. During your whole stay inside the Sundarban Forest for shooting, 2 (two) forest armed guards will be provided by the Forest Department to accompany you. A per day fee will be applicable.
19. Although this filming permission will be given by the Chief Conservator of Forest in Dhaka, the Divisional Forest Officer, Sundarbans , Khulna will be in charge of all the execution and supervision.
20. Permission obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must be attached with the application.
21. In case of aerial shooting permission besides the permission of the Foreign Ministry , permission from the Defense Ministry will also be needed.

Transport, Accommodation and other Logistic Support

We have a fleet of vehicles at the disposal of Film crews. Where required, we arrange locally hired transport according to the requirements. Transport arrangements always include a driver and a well equipped, safe vehicle. Accommodation upon arrival in Dhaka as well as on location can be arranged and reserved through us. The Government representative will meet the team upon arrival at the International Airport and assist the crew in clearing customs upon arrival as well as departure.

Information Specifications

Operator / Company

Configuration, Service, Requirements

South Asian Airlines Ltd.

Used & recommended by BBC World Service and Natural World

2  Robinson R-44 Helicopters (USA made model 2006/2007), 4 seats (incl. pilot)

for normal flying:

  • Passenger names, details and purpose of visit
  • Flying route and estimated hours
  • Passport details for foreign nationals

for aerial filming:

  • Approved permission from Ministry of Defense (from client)
  • Passenger names, details and purpose of visit
  • Flying route and estimated hours
  • Passport details for foreign nationals

Aero Technologies (PVT) Ltd

Commercial helicopter service provider in Bangladesh operates one 5-seater helicopter.

MAF Air Support Ltd

Amphibian aircraft that can land in water and on land (seaplane), used mainly for Transport assistance, Relief Operations, Aerial Survey , Medical Charters , General Charter.
Can be hired for aerial shooting; permission from Ministry of Defense required.

Bangladesh Air Force

Government owned, can provide service with prior permission from Ministry of Defense, Home and Foreign Affairs .
Processing permission requires minimum two months.